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Name of Monument:

Old Gate of Bisagra


Calle Alfonso VI, s/n, Toledo, Spain

Date of Monument:

Hegira 4th century / AD 10th century

Period / Dynasty

Umayyad of al-Andalus, Caliphate period


The Old Gate of Bisagra, Bibxacra or bab al-Saqra is the only gate from the Muslim age to have survived in reasonably good condition, possibly because it was closed up when the remodelling of the city was ordered. Documentation confirms its existence from the beginning of the AH 5th / AD 11th century. The first reference dates to the year AH 400 / AD 1009–10, and it is subsequently mentioned in a variety of documents that tell of transactions and the payment of tolls. People had to pass through the gate to get to the cemetery located outside the walls, and the passage of goods made it one of the most fruitful toll points for the city.
The gateway is part of a northerly extension to the walled enclosure. Its outer façade, in a projection of the enclosure, sets the entrance back. It is made up of two towers, reconstructed at the top, which flank a section of wall that contains a horseshoe arch with a span of 2.5 m between jambs, the same as the diameter of the arch, and a height of 5.40 m. The arch is horseshoe-shaped prolonged three-fifths of the radius, with the arrangement of the voussoirs converging on the lines of the imposts. It is toothed to the level of the haunches, where we find the usual wedges that launch the unclad radial arch, and framed by an alfiz panel, the top of which reaches a height of 6.58 m. The voussoirs are made up of salvaged pieces, which is evident from the uneven size of the masonry and a limestone near the keystone that still bears a Visigothic-period plant motif. The keystone is a reused white stone decorated with secant circles of similar style. At the level of the springers there is a huge lintel acting as a brace from which there would have been a brick bond up to the level of the intrados. The upper part, with small corner-columns, and the organisation of the inside of the gateway are Mudéjar work, possibly from the AH 7th / AD 13th century.
During the cleaning and restoration work carried out in 1907, a postern or door was discovered in the left turret, which was walled up but whose existence is documented in photographs from the time. Its original purpose is unknown, as it considerably reduced the defensive effectiveness of the arch. The head of the cleaning work, Ricardo Arredondo, believes that the door would have been one of the traps intended to make it difficult for besiegers to take control of the entrance and to penetrate the town. He constructed the lateral façade and the back horseshoe arch beside the town, copying the lines of the original gateway. The work has restored a gateway of great structural and historical importance that was threatened with ruin.

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So called because it led to the fertile district of Shaqra or Sagra, this gateway was one of the most important in the city of Toledo as it had to be passed to reach the cemetery outside the city walls and it generated substantial toll revenues from goods traffic.
The gateway is a northward extension of the enclosure wall and consists of two towers, remodelled at the top, either side of a horseshoe arch.

How Monument was dated:

There are documentary references from 400 / 1009–10 where it is mentioned in relation to the death and burial of a significant Arab personality, Ibn Maymun.

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Prepared by: Ángela FrancoÁngela Franco

Ángela Franco es Jefa del Departamento de Antigüedades Medievales en el Museo Arqueológico Nacional.
Obtuvo el Grado de Doctor por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid con la tesis Escultura gótica en León y provincia, premiada y publicada parcialmente (Madrid, 1976; reed. León, 1998); y la Diplomatura en Paleografía y Archivística por la Scuola Vaticana di Paleografia, Diplomatica e Archivistica, con la tesis L'Archivio paleografico italiano: indici dei manoscritti, publicada en castellano (Madrid, 1985). Becas de investigación: beca posdoctoral del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, Academia Española de Bellas Artes de Roma (1974-75); beca posdoctoral del Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, Academia Española de Bellas Artes de Roma (1975-77); beca de la Fundación Juan March de Madrid (1978).
Tiene en su haber 202 publicaciones, fundamentalmente sobre arte medieval cristiano, en especial la iconografía: Crucifijo gótico doloroso, Doble Credo, Danzas de la Muerte, temática bíblica en relación con la liturgia (el Génesis y el Éxodo en relación con la vigilia Pascual) o con el teatro (Secundum legem debet mori, sobre el “pozo de Moisés” de la cartuja de Dijon). Es autora de cuatro catálogos monográficos del Museo Arqueológico Nacional, entre ellos el de Dedales islámicos (Madrid, 1993), y de publicaciones sobre escultura gótica y pintura en la catedral de León y sobre escultura gótica en Ávila, así como de numerosas fichas para catálogos de exposiciones.
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Translation by: Laurence Nunny
Translation copyedited by: Monica Allen

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Al-Ghazali Books in English Translation:                                                                   


 Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

         Uniform title: [Kimiyae saadat. English]

                 Title: The alchemy of happiness / al-Ghazzali ; translated

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      Physical descrip: 122 p. ; 19 cm.

               Subject: Islamic ethics--Early works to 1800.

               Subject: Religious life--Islam.

          Added author: Field, Claud, 1863-1941.


       Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

         Uniform title: [Kimiya-yi saadat. English. Selections]

                 Title: The alchemy of happiness / Abu Hamid Muhammad

                        al-Ghazzali; translated by Claud Field ; revised and

                        annotated by Elton L. Daniel.

      Publication info: Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, c1991.

      Physical descrip: xliii, 112 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

                Series: Sources and studies in world history

               Subject: Islamic ethics--Early works to 1800.

          Added author: Field, Claud, 1863-1941.



       Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

                 Title: al-Ghazalis Schrift wider die Gottheit Jesu, von

                        Franz-Elmar Wilms.

      Publication info: Leiden, E. J. Brill, 1966.

      Physical descrip: xxiii, 243 p. 25 cm.

               Subject: Jesus Christ--Islamic interpretations.

               Subject: Jesus Christ--Islamic interpretations--Bibliography.

          Added author: Wilms, Franz-Elmar, 1934-,



       Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

                 Title: al-Ghazzali's Tahafut al-falasifah; incoherence of

                        the philosophers. Translated into English by Sabih

                        Ahmad Kamali.

      Publication info: Lahore, Pakistan Philosophical Congress, 1963.

      Physical descrip: viii, 267 p. 25 cm.

                Series: Pakistan Philosophical Congress publication no. 3

                Series: Publications (Pakistan Philosophical Congress) ; no.


     Dissertation note: Thesis (M. A.)--McGill University.

               Subject: Islam and philosophy.

          Added author: Kamali, Sabih Ahmad, 1927-,




       Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

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          Added author: Watt, W. Montgomery (William Montgomery)



       Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

                 Title: The foundations of the articles of faith, being a

                        translation with notes of the Kitab qawaid

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         Uniform title: [Munqidh min al-dalal. English]

                 Title: Freedom and fulfillment : an annotated translation of

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          Added author: McCarthy, Richard Joseph.



       Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

                 Title: Gazzali's Ihya Ulum-id-din : or, the revival of

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               Subject: Islamic ethics--Early works to 1800.

               Subject: Islam--Doctrines--Early works to 1800.

           Added title: The revival of religious learnings.



       Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

                 Title: al-Ghazali on divine predicates and their properties;

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               Subject: Hope.

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         Uniform title: [Ihya ulum al-din. English]

                 Title: Imam Gazzali's Ihya ulum-id-din / [English version by]


      Publication info: Lahore : Sind Sagar Academy, [1978-

      Physical descrip: v. ; 22 cm.

   Incomplete contents: Book 1. The book of worship.--Book 2. The book of

                        worldly usages.--Book 3. The book of destructive


               Subject: Religious life--Islam--Early works to 1800.

               Subject: Islam--Doctrines--Early works to 1800.

               Subject: Sufism--Early works to 1800.

          Added author: Karim, Fazlul.

           Added title: Ihya ulum-id-din.



       Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

         Uniform title: [Tahafut al-falasifah. English]

                 Title: The incoherence of the philosophers = Tahafut

                        al-falasifah: a parallel English-Arabic text /

                                  ITEM REPORT                                  


                Produced Tuesday, December 4, 2001 at 10:23 AM                


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          Added author: Marmura, Michael E., 1929-



       Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

         Uniform title: [Ihya ulum al-din. English. Selections]

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         Uniform title: [Jawahir al-Quran. English]

                 Title: The jewels of the Quran : al-Ghazali's theory : a

                        translation, with an introduction and annotation, of

                        al-Ghazali's Kitab jawahir al-Quran / by

                        Muhammad Abul Quasem.

      Publication info: [Bangi, Malaysia] : Quasem, [c1977]

      Physical descrip: 244 p. ; 23 cm.

               Subject: Koran--Criticism, interpretation, etc.

          Added author: Muhammad Abul Quasem.



       Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

         Uniform title: [Gistas al-mustagim. English]

                 Title: The just balance : al-qistas al-mustaqim / Al-Ghazali

                        ; a translation with introduction and notes by D.P.


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       Personal author: Ghazzali, 1058-1111.

         Uniform title: [Ihya ulum al-din. Book 12. English]

                                  ITEM REPORT                                 


                Produced Tuesday, December 4, 2001 at 10:23 AM                


                 Title: Marriage and sexuality in Islam : a translation of

                        al-Ghazali's book on the etiquette of marriage from

                        the Ihya / Madelain Farah.

      Publication info: Salt Lake City : University of Utah Press, 1984.

      Physical descrip: xii, 185 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

               Subject: Marriage--Religious aspects--Islam--Early works to


          Added author: Farah, Madelain.


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